Horror Author Turns Rejected Fiction into Anthology in Celebration of Her 21st Birthday

After filling her summer with hot days of writing short stories, Alyanna Poe had an influx of rejections and a novel idea.

In 2021, Poe decided to take a break from writing her novel to focus on shorter pieces. She excitedly submitted these to small presses, only to receive an inbox of rejections. As her 21st birthday is coming up in February, Poe has decided to start a tradition: to annually self-publish a short story collection and include the same number of stories as her age. Early 2021 she did the same with a very personal collection of stories, and 2022’s will be just as meaningful to her. This book will be entirely self-published, the author even created the cover from scratch, and she will be releasing a line of cover art for each story in the anthology. 

“The market is flooded with writers as people are exploring new skills from home. I’ve thoroughly edited every story and even sent them out to beta readers. Now I’m ready to give them a home. I pour out a little of myself into every story, and, even though these publishers didn’t think they were right for them, I know my current readers will appreciate them.” 

Being a Poe has impacted her greatly, inspiring her to write terrifying tales of both gothic and gore. For those curious, she is related to Edgar Allan Poe, being his first cousin six times removed. Alyanna was 18 when she self published her first novel, EATEN, and has since published one other novel and a short story collection, plus this upcoming anthology. Through her social channels, she’s experimented with horror photography and comedic takes on her everyday life as an author. Her passion is writing, and nothing will stop her from pursuing her dream, much less a slew of rejections.

REJECTS will be available February 8th, 2022, but pre-order starts January 8th, 2022. There will be a form on her website to purchase paperbacks and hardcovers in advance and Amazon will have the eBook all ready for pre-order.

**All artists have been through rejection, and with so many avenues, one can finally take their fate into their own hands.

Discover the horrors Alyanna Poe has created, which otherwise would not have come to light. REJECTS is a collection of twenty-one horror stories, spanning from slasher to cosmic to paranormal, that have all been rejected by publishers.

Alyanna thoroughly edited and perfected each story, sending them out for beta readers’ approval before publication to ensure readers’ satisfaction.

Take A Peek Inside:

The Legend of Kyle: An older man takes his young, female coworker into the woods, revealing his biggest secret.

Succor of the Ophidian: A strange invisible extraterrestrial interrupts a couple on their tropical retreat.

Helena: A hateful husband exacts his darkest fantasies against his wife.

In Reflective Depth: After an argument with her husband, a woman escapes into the ocean on a small boat, only to be met with a fight she may not be able to win.

Twenty-one bite sized tales of terror all wrapped into one package.

In Reflective Depth

“A woman reflects on her life in a dysfunctional relationship as cold water

gets thrown on her plans. Alyanna Poe weaves a tale you won’t want to miss.” 

-Well Worth A Read 

Waterin’ Corpses

“A demented, gothic tale with sinister veins that leaves you feeling like you just enjoyed a Tim Burton short film in your mind.” 

-Samantha Krewulak, Horrorbound.net**


FB & IG @authoralyannapoe

Twitter: @alyannapoe 

Amazon: Alyanna Poe

If you’d like to preorder REJECTS or purchase any of Alyanna Poe’s other books, you can find her on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Alyanna-Poe/e/B07ZB1QCDF?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_3&qid=1616986510&sr=8-3 

And for those interested in getting to know her better, you can read about her, sample her writing, and read interviews on her website, or follow her socials. She is open to taking readers’ questions via email or DM. 

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