Slasher and video game horror with a gaming twist!

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Use points to buy abilities.
One magic item given later.
Make it to the end and earn your freedom.

When Nancy discovers an experimental and secretly modified VR gaming unit, this could finally be an adventure in a ‘too safe’ world.

Under a benign AI, humanity’s in a new era of care and fantastic inventions. The most world-changing is fully immersive virtual reality with detailed worlds and games for exploration. Standard VR units are thoroughly tested and used by billions with no incidents for decades.

In a modified unit, Nancy’s trapped in a virtual horror scenario with a sadistic gamemaster, no working safeties or exits, while her real body is strapped to a table.

A game isn’t a game unless it gives you chance to win, no matter how small. An experienced gamer like Nancy knows this.

And the stakes couldn’t be higher. Victory equals escape, but death in the virtual world means death in the real one too.

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Jackie wants to survive the game’s ending.
But she may not make it to the next level.

The last thing Jackie and her new friends expected was to wake up in a virtual reality nightmare hosted by 1-Up, a student of eighties slashers.

With knives hung over their real-world hearts, set to penetrate them if their hit points reach zero, Jackie and her fellow players will have to level up to escape their digital prison, or else it’s game over forever.

Things you can expect in this book:

  • A love letter to video store slashers.
  • Female protagonist.
  • GameLit/LitRPG mechanics and messages.
  • Splattergore and extreme murder scenes.

“I enjoyed this a lot. It read fast and fun, with a solid backstory/world, and characters that have some life (heh) while also nicely settling into conventional slasher film roles (jock, pretty girl, nerd, tomboy, etc.) This is a compliment as the book is clearly a love letter to both video games and 80’s slasher films. Lots of fun references too, so if you remember that time, you’ll smile between all the stalking and slashing. Worth your reading time.”

“I found this an enjoyable read. Her writing is fast-paced and I enjoy her world building. She does a good job of character creation and I found the conclusion reached to be satisfying. I enjoy strong female characters and her game element adds some fun as you try to figure out what will happen next.”

“I was totally hooked on this book from the first page. I liked that the characters were very relatable. The story was fast paced and kept me reading. Highly recommended!”

Great reviews leading to the third book in the series…

It started out virtual. But now it’s real.

Months ago, 1-Up trapped Jackie and her friends in a slasher-themed video game hell.

The Final Girl survived, but her tormentor somehow followed, where he sets the stage for the inevitable sequel. Jackie and her new friends are trapped in 1-Up’s macabre Gothic theme park, populated with all-too-real avatars of classic monsters.

Unless Jackie and her new friends find a way to kill him and his monstrous squad, it’s game over for real.

Monsters Offline is a hack ‘n slash love letter to classic horror monsters blended with role-playing game mechanics.

Things you can expect in this book:

  • A love letter to classic monsters.
  • Female protagonist.
  • GameLit/LitRPG mechanics and messages.

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