Trending Indie horror HIDEOUT Now Free on Amazon Prime and In-Person at Garden State Film Festival!

The indie hit HIDEOUT is now available to watch FREE for Amazon Prime members! Distributor VMI Worldwide is thrilled at the ongoing success of HIDEOUT in the US, Canada and the UK. Audiences and critics alike are loving it!

“9 out of 10! Don’t Breathe meets Evil Dead… it’s fantastic.”
– Michael Therkelsen Horror Society

An official selection of the Garden State Film Festival, Hideout will be screening in Asbury Park, NJ Saturday March 26th at 8:30pm. In attendance will be Director Kris Roselli and producers Tierney Boorboor, Mark Mattson, Mark A. Baum. Actor Bryan Enright, and more to be announced! Come out and watch HIDEOUT with us, we’d love to meet you!

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“Truly imaginative and shockingly chilling…
One scene with a snake is frankly one of the best horror scenes from independent cinema ever.”

Martyn Wakefield, BloodGuts UK Horror

Four first-time criminals escape a botched robbery and hide out at a remote farmhouse whose occupants, a grandmother and granddaughter, seem at first welcoming. But once the residents realize who is in their home, tensions escalate. As inexplicable supernatural events begin happening, the robbers soon realize that they have more to fear than the police. 

“Director Kris Roselli serves up a relentlessly unpredictable and delightfully frightful experience… A thrilling roller coaster of suspense and morbid intrigue.”
Yehuda Siegal, Loud and Clear

Hideout @ Garden State Film Festival:

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