THE NEURO FARM Weaves Rebellion & Immortality Into New Gothic Rock Album, ‘Vampyre’

Dark, sinister, and angelic, The Neuro Farm have released an amazingly gothic and baroque rock album that is not to be missed. The album itself is a captivating, vampiric odyssey, and a great narrative adventure in its own right.”  – Procession Magazine

Washington DC – based band, THE NEURO FARMrecently unveiled their new release, a gothic rock album, Vampyre.

Vampyrism is a curse dating back to biblical times. Our titular heroine, lured by the promise of immortality, is given this curse by the egomaniacal leader of a vampyric cult. But within the cult there is a growing sense of disillusion, and she builds her own following.

Eventually, she spurns her maker, rebelling against him and his decaying institution. She says a final farewell to her mortal husband, turning away from humanity and embracing her new nature. She slays her former master in the “midnight massacre” and declares herself queen.

Vampyre is available on CD and digital formats NOW!

Buy/Stream ‘Vampyre’ Now Via BANDCAMP

THE NEURO FARM is a darkwave gothic rock band based in Washington DC. Combining vocal harmony with soaring violin melodies, driving rhythm guitar, and ethereal sonic textures, their music has been described as hauntingly beautiful. THE NEURO FARM draws on influences such as Joy Division, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sigur Ros, Chelsea Wolfe, Portishead, and Rammstein. Full length discography includes Vampyre (2021), The Descent (2019), and Ghosts (2014).
THE NEURO FARM puts on a delightfully dark, dreamy, and energetic performance. Their live shows have been covered by the Washington Post Going Out Guide, Brightest Young Things, DC Music Reviews, Hometown Sounds, and Metro Music. Their music has been featured on radio stations worldwide. THE NEURO FARM has been twice nominated for “Best Rock Group” by the Washington DC Wammie Awards, and have been reviewed & interviewed by  numerous publications including Procession Magazine, Sounds and Shadows, Alchemical Records, and Divide and Conquer Music.
THE NEURO FARM members include Brian Wolff (guitar, vocal), Rebekah Feng (violin, vocal), DreamrD (drums), and Tim Phillips (synth).

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