‘Moby Dick: Back from the Deep’ Crowdfunding for Fifth and Final Issue

Moby Dick is back.


For the LAST time.

On March 9, horror comic creator Matt Schorr resurrected the white whale once again on Kickstarter, this time to crowdfund the fifth and final issue of his long-running terror tale. His previous campaigns were all successful, and he hopes to continue that trend with the final chapter in his horrifying saga.

Click here to check out the latest Kickstarter campaign.

“More than a century ago, Herman Melville described a deadly white whale that ravaged the high seas and killed numerous sailors before disappearing,” Matt explains. “Today, the whale is back.”

Moby Dick: Back from the Deep began as a webomic. Matt published the first pages more than four years ago in 2018. With time, readership grew – eventually topping out at over 100,000 views – and he entered the realm of crowdfunding to make the issues available in print.

“It’s been a crazy journey,” Matt recalls. “We started publishing online just to see if anyone cared to read our strange, little tale. Turned out, they did, and we really appreciate all the support we’ve enjoyed.”

Matt’s hometown of Clarksville, TN, likely knows him best as the weekly humor columnist of The Hard Way in the Leaf-Chronicle, an ongoing saga of the trials and tribulations of an unlikely family man, and the host of Tales from a Small Town Journalist, a podcast about all the unique and amusing experiences reporters have working in small towns.

He credits a great deal of Back from the Deep’s success to the artwork of Joe Bilicic, a Florida-based artist whose credits include animation for Ceelo Green and the Cirque Du Solei’s San Diego Comic Con show.

“Joe’s style was exactly what this story needed,” Matt says. “It’s because of him that the zombie whale stands out as much as he does. There are lots of giant sea monsters out there, but Joe made ours stand out. I can’t credit his work enough.”

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