PAINTED IN BLOOD Coming April 5th

Elevated Horror Feature 

Available on TVOD/Digital April 5

Director: Aaron Mirtes

Starring: Deiondre Teagle (DEATH RANCH)
Deborah Seidel
Brad Belemjian
Allison Shrum (OZARK)
Zach Lazar Hoffman

Synopsis: Malik, an aspiring painter, takes a job as a security guard at an art museum to save money. The figure inside one of the paintings starts speaking to him and walking around at night.

PAINTED IN BLOOD writer, director, producer, Aaron Mirtes, has been directing feature films since the age of 19. His previous features consist of CLOWNTERGEIST, CURSE OF THE NUN, AMERICAN HUNT, THE ALPHA TEST, and OUIJI CRAFT. Mirtes has cultivated his young career around independent sci-fi and horror films. With PAINTED IN BLOOD, the director decided to tackle the elevated horror genre, in hopes to continue to tell genre films that are more than solely clichés.

available on TVOD/Digital April 5

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