New Horror Film DEINFLUENCER Coming this October

Think before you click. Producer Mem Ferda captures humanity’s uneasy relationship with Social Media in New Horror DEINFLUENCER.

With Elon Musk just signing a $44 billion deal to take over Twitter, the future of social media is a grey area. Could this new era of ‘Free Speech’ signify the return of the once “cancelled” Twitter users?

While the future of Twitter is up in the air, we do know the impact social media has on our lives. With all the posts, shares, likes, and comments comes a new breed of internet personality, the Social Media Influencer. Influencers spew content across social networks. And who is their primary target? Young people. Studies have shown social media can have detrimental impacts on self-esteem, increase anxiety, and pressure people into believing they need to conform to these insane ‘artificial standards’ to fit in.

Producer Mem Ferda, says, “I felt compelled to spotlight this issue by making the DEINFLUENCER, and giving a horror spin to it!” We get to know the typical beautiful cheerleader in this latest horror flick. However, her ‘influencer lifestyle’ comes to a halt when a kidnapper makes her complete Social Media Challenges.

But what does he truly want? Why is he doing this? Does he want more than he’s letting on!


Starring; Marie Luciani-Grimaldi, Simon Phillips, Caylin Turner, Anne-Carolyne Binette

Directed by Jamie Bailey

Produced by Mem Ferda

Executive Producers: Michael Kraetzer, Sayf Aram, Nicolas Onetti, Rabia Mustafa Composer: Darren Morze

Production Manager; Vanessa Kammer

Release Date: October 1st 2022 (United States)

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