Horror Hub Marketplace Opens Private Investment Opportunities for Horror Collectors and Creators

Horror Hub Marketplace opens private investment opportunities for horror collectors and creators.

Horror Hub Marketplace aims to be the Ebay of Horror. Over the past year they have added over 100 sellers and thousands of horror products. Horror Hub is a place where quality vendors can list their goods for sale and horror fans can browse,follow, and buy. Built and run by horror fans and creators. Horror Hub is doing its first, and possibly only, open round of fundraising where any horror fan can become a part owner of this business.

“One of our main goals is to stay close to the community we love and participate in. So we thought that we would give the community a chance to be part owner of this business as well.” – Nathan Bryner co-founder.

The minimum investment amount is $100.00 and you can invest in Horror Hub Marketplace through wefunder.com https://wefunder.com/horror.hub.marketplace

Horror Hub Marketplace has already received endorsements from iconic horror collectors and actors. See Doug Bradley’s (Pinhead) endorsement and Jonathan Davis’s endorsement (KORN) on the campaign page https://wefunder.com/horror.hub.marketplace

Horror Hub has already established relationships with major horror vendors for halloween, movie merchandise, t-shirt including a retail deal with Hot Topic and individual artists and creators. The site is live and the community is growing fast.

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