RE-ANIMATOR THE BLOODY MUSICAL – 29th & 30th of July at The Old Gym Theatre, Glasgow


MUSIC BY Dominic Irving

29th & 30th July 2022 7:30pm

Old Gym Theatre, Glasgow

Herbert West is many things. He’s a doctor. He’s a scientist and he’s a bona-fide lunatic. Bear witness to his quest to raise people from the dead all told through the medium of musical theatre. Aided by his intrepid non-hunchback assistant, Herbert West is about to realise that bringing people back from the dead isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies

REANIMATOR: THE BLOODY MUSICAL is a side splitting (literally) horror comedy musical…thing performed by a cast of two very underpaid actors. There’s blood, gore, a talking head, a corpse or two…Or three…Or four. If you think you know the story of HERBERT WEST: REANIMATOR then you had better think again

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