Michael S. Rodriguez has Wrapped his Latest Project FILM FIEND

Michael S. Rodriguez has wrapped his latest project FILM FIEND and is looking towards a release for late 2022. FILM FIEND penned by Lee Turner (After Hours Cinema and Fear Flix) and produced by Joseph Kelby Williamson (Apex Predators)Tells the story of Dara( Sparkle Soojian) a late night horror hostess that is stalked by a crazed classic horror film fan the enjoys dispatching his victims in a similar manor as the movies Dara Hosts.

Things hit too close to home as members of Dara’s show begin dropping like flies with the Killer  planning to make Dara the final girl or does he.

Production began this past March with a cast of of well knowns in the world of Horror. FILM FIEND stars Sparkle Soojian, Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland, Felissa Rose, Dawn Lee Heising, Lisa London and many more.

Rodriguez notes that FILM FIEND is a Wonderful homage and nod to those unsung heroes. Those who have filled the airwaves for years volunteering factoids and tongue and cheek humor while delivering public Domain Creature Features to Horror Fans.

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