Black River Comic Launches Indiegogo

Scattered Comics launches new comic BLACK RIVER on Indiegogo with a portion of the proceeds will go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

A young girl’s Irish ancestors were brutally slaughtered during a gruesome Viking invasion. Her dreams are soon haunted by her ancestors’ past lives, as a series of dark events force her to fight for her life and the lives of the townspeople. Have the Vikings cursed the land?

Story by Maureen Whelan
Drawings by Mark V,
Color by Diego Vazquez,
Lettering by Jaymes Reed
Sponsored by Martin DeBourge

Dedicated to Patrick Richard Whelan, April 27th 1940 – May 18th 2000.  Served in the Irish Guards regiment of the British Army March 1958 – March 1964 and April 1967 – August 1980; Royal Irish Fusiliers April 1964 – March 1967.

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