‘90s Cult Fave “Jack-O” Scares Up Restored Blu-Ray

Retromedia Upgrades ‘90s Cult Horror Fave “Jack-O” for Blu-ray with
Makeflix-Exclusive Limited Slipcover Autographed by Star Linnea Quigley

First time in high-definition, restored from original film elements

Boutique cult movie e-tailer Makeflix partners with Retromedia Entertainment for the Blu-ray premiere of 1995 video store favorite “Jack-O,” available to preorder from Makeflix.com on Monday, June 6, 2022 at noon EST with an exclusive slipcover signed by the film’s star, legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley (“The Return of the Living Dead”) limited to the first 1,000 units.

On Halloween night, the spirit of Mister Jack The Pumpkin Man rises from its long-forgotten tomb to once again terrorize the citizens of Oakmoor Crossing. Summoned by warlock Walter Machen (John Carradine), the resurrected monster soon sets its sights on killing young Sean Kelly (Ryan Latshaw), the descendant of Machen’s enemies. Sean’s babysitter Carolyn (Linnea Quigley) tries to save the day, but is there really a chance in Hell?

Directed by Steve Latshaw (“Dark Universe”) and executive produced by Retromedia chief Fred Olen Ray (“Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers”), “Jack-O” (aka “Jack O’Lantern”) was shot in Florida at the tail end of the direct-to-video boom and went on to ship an impressive 5,000-plus units to video stores nationwide, complete with a national pumpkin-carving contest to promote the title during its initial VHS release. Fans of the popular Halloween-themed flick have snapped up thousands of additional DVD copies thanks to subsequent Retromedia reissues.

“Jack-O” boasts an impressive cast of B-movie favorites: In addition to Linnea Quigley, the film includes cameos from fellow scream queen Brinke Stevens (“Slumber Party Massacre”) plus Hollywood legends Cameron Mitchell (“How to Marry a Millionaire”) and John Carradine (“Stagecoach”), making his final screen appearance courtesy of previously-unused footage shot prior to his death seven years earlier.

With stunning new cover artwork by Mark Maddox, the “Jack-O” Blu-ray debuts a 4K transfer from the original 16mm camera negatives for the first time ever, along with a 2022 retrospective with key cast & crew members, 15-minute commentary track with Fred Olen Ray discussing the extensive restoration work for this release, and rare original footage from an unfinished Brinke Stevens project entitled “The Coven”. The disc also includes all extras from previous DVD releases, including a now-legendary audio commentary with the director and producer, behind-the-scenes video, and “Gator Babes” featurette.

During the weekend of June 10-12, fans will have two opportunities to purchase an advance copy of “Jack-O” on Blu-ray from the Makeflix booth at Living Dead Weekend in Monroeville, PA, as well as Tampa Bay Screams in Tampa, FL (June 11-12 only), where producer Fred Olen Ray will be on hand to greet fans and sign copies of his company’s latest title.

Other recent Retromedia Blu-ray releases available from Makeflix include “Frisky Fairy Tales,” a double dose of late-night cable queen Christine Nguyen (“Get Him to the Greek”), and 1993 erotic thriller “Angel Eyes” starring Monique Gabrielle (“Emmanuelle 5”), directed by frequent Orson Welles cinematographer Gary Graver (“The Other Side of the Wind”).

Preorders start Tuesday, June 6th, 2022 at noon EST, shipping week of June 13th

Makeflix-Exclusive Slipcover Autographed by Star Linnea Quigley Limited to First 1,000 Units!

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