Corpse Control – First Five Episodes Now Available on Youtube

Corpse Control, a zombie comedy about two guys who work as zombie exterminators in New York City, with the first five episodes now available on Youtube.

As the world has recovered from a viral outbreak and vaccinations have already been developed, this offbeat comedy/horror series centers around the friendship of two guys working this dead-end, thankless job of removing left over zombies from people’s homes.

More of a nuisance than a danger, these very few, low energy, “corpses” still get into an apartment here and there, which is when Dave and Ragz may show up at your door to collect them. The process is simple; find the slow moving corpse and shoot it with a tranquilizer gun, knocking it out so they can transport it back to headquarters. But, when one seemingly routine corpse-catching mission goes awry, leading to the creature bursting out of the van and running down the street, the guys stumble upon a major development propelling them into a dangerous conspiracy they could not have prepared for.

Watch it on Youtube:

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