Today’s DVD Releases!

Here are some of horror DVD/Blu-Ray releases for June 14th!

Marie becomes stranded on the isolated offshore island where her late mother is buried and realizes that something is not quite right in this small town. She must unveil the mystery behind her mother’s troubled past to make it out alive.

The story takes place in Italy towards the end of World War Two, in a run-down hotel by the shores of a large lake. A strange assortment of guests are staying there. They seem to be either suffering from mental illness, involved in scams of one sort or another, or hiding from something in their past.

Seeking shelter from a storm, a family find themselves trapped for days with no sign of rescue and untold evils lurking just beyond the walls in this wildly fun house-of-horrors thrill ride.

THE RAVAGER and THE BUSHWHACKER represent the last hurrah for rough and tumble 60s style sexploitation before hardcore sex films completely took over the market. These two films are basically the last gasp, the final push on the envelope towards more extreme, horror-oriented fare, and in this they were perhaps too extreme for the raincoat brigade. After their brief theatrical runs, both disappeared for decades until unearthed by Something Weird Video in the 2000s.

A single mother on a road trip, loses her daughter in the middle of nowhere while at a gas station. As she searches, a force begins to torment her, but she must survive in order to discover the terrifying truth behind her daughter’s disappearance.

Zara is a young woman with a dark secret. She spends her days obsessing over the details of her husband’s imprisonment, and the woman that he allegedly killed. But this is abruptly interrupted by a masked sociopath who breaks into her flat, knocks her out and chains her up to a swimming pool along with five strangers. Soon, they realize they are not alone as the final member of the congregation is revealed: a terrifying Great White Shark. The game of the unseen sociopath then becomes clear as each of them are chosen to be dragged into the pool to become shark chum. As blood is spilled Zara learns that, in order to find true redemption, she will have to bare all and leave her fate in the hands of the sociopath and, more crucially, the shark that waits in the water.

A young family who moves into an abandoned orphanage home experiences the tormented spirit of a woman who killed herself in the basement.

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