New Horror House “Horror Dadz Productions” Announces Films, New Podcast

The producers at newly-formed Horror Dadz Productions are pleased to announce a full line up of film releases, including a weekly podcast, Dadz Off Duty, shining light on the independent horror community. Coming soon, The Flock, The Wendigo, and Mothman are set to premiere this Summer and Fall.

Horror Dadz Productions consists of five producers: Jake Robinson, Dillon Brown, Joshua Brucker, Hunter Nino, and Bradford Norris. Not only are they horror creators, they are also fathers first and foremost. Juggling parenthood and filmmaking can be a hassle but these men have found a way to evenly balance the two and deliver noteworthy content. Some are currently working post-production on their films, but they are all working hard to develop short films for a full collaboration effort titled What’s In The Dark?, a four part found footage horror anthology film.

Dillon Brown, of Nevada, was one of the founding members of Horror Dadz Productions. “The only way I was ever going to make films was after family life and work life – and thankfully I met a group of guys who were in the same situation and we are proving to the world that you can be a legitimate contender in the world of independent cinema and still be a parent, a spouse, and a working man,” Brown explains.

Last year, Brown released his directorial debut The Devil’s Children. In just a few short weeks, his follow-up and sequel to his first releases, titled The Flock. The film follows two groups of individuals as they seek to find a mysterious cult who aims to raise a demon from the depths of hell. The two groups, however, have different motives. 

The Flock at one point was a film I never thought I could make,” Brown says. “It seemed too daunting of a task to take on and I really had no idea how to even begin. But now that’s it done, and that’s it’s everything I wanted it to be, I want to see what a $10K budget can look like, and then a $20K and a $50K, etc. We’ve already proven what we can do with so little and we’re here to stay.” 

The Flock releases July 17th on POV Horror, then on a larger scale later this summer. He is also currently in production of his next feature, Tahoe Joe. A trailer for The Flock can be viewed HERE.

Jake Robinson, of South Carolina, wrapped earlier this year on his directorial debut, The Wendigo. The film follows a group of friends looking for a social media star that disappeared in the woods of rural North Carolina. Soon, they discover there is more to fear than just a couple of local stories surrounding the cursed land on which he disappeared.

Jake is also hosting an online, month-long premiere event in October titled “Horror Dadz Productions presents: Exhibition of Evil” where The Wendigo, Mothman, Tahoe Joe, and many other short films will be available for viewing by the public. 

Jake is currently in pre-production for his found footage film titled The Devil’s Tramping Ground. The Wendigo releases later this year. A trailer for The Wendigo can be found HERE.

Joshua Brucker, of Illinois, makes his directorial debut with Mothman, a found footage film following a sister on the hunt for her troubled, missing brother and the reason behind his mysterious disappearance. After recovering his lost video logs, they too come face to face with the mysterious entity her brother was in search of. “Mothman is a story of loss, grief, selfishness, and the quest for truth,” Brucker says. “It is a scary ride once our protagonists begin their journey. Mothman, for me, is more than a monster in the woods. There is a presence about him. He is a powerful, metaphysical force whose intentions are unclear.”

“I’m excited about the formation of Horror Dadz Productions,” Brucker says, “We all bring something to the table, we all work with each other on every project, and we learn from each other. This is a production company formed by a group of dads with similar goals and passions and we are determined to succeed at every level.”

Mothman digitally premieres September 9th with The Hamityville Horror Podcast hosting a private event. A full release is scheduled later this Fall. He is in pre-production for his segment for the anthology, titled Wedding Night. A trailer for Mothman can be found HERE.

Hunter Nino, of Michigan, has a profound love for horror and the independent horror community. As he prepares to film his directorial debut in just a few short months, he is chomping at the bit to produce content the community will love.

“I have always had the passion to be a filmmaker, but decided a long time ago that it was probably not going to work. I went through a few degrees and a lot of life experience until I realized I wasn’t content with what I was doing,” Nino explains. “I left a few of my jobs and took a shot at an opportunity just to say I did. Then the magic happened. Now, Horror Dadz has four features and a ton of awesome content coming out, and I have the opportunity to work with many talented individuals in creating the story and directing my first debut production.”

“The passion has returned, and I’m hungrier than ever to be involved in this world again. Independent cinema, look out.. because a storm is coming, and the team behind Horror Dadz is bringing it with them to prove what we can do with micro scale budgets. All while raising our families, and working jobs in an outside field. When you put heads together, opportunities can and will happen. Don’t miss your chance.”

He is currently preparing to film his segment Meat for the anthology, What’s In The Dark?

Lastly, Bradford Norris, of Kentucky, joined Horror Dadz Productions as a producer and actor with a passion for horror. Brad played Officer Brad Nelson in Mothman, as well as other roles in indie horror films.

With three films awaiting release, three in pre-production, and a podcast coming, Horror Dadz Productions aims to become one of the top independent horror production companies by the end of 2023. You can follow their Facebook page HERE.

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