New Crowdfund Launched for Subversive Arthouse Horror “Sour Milk”

Sour Milk – A Short Film About Homelessness, Power Dynamics and Mental Health

The Kickstarter campaign for Sour Milk is now live!

Cassie is recently homeless and is about to spend her evening at a night shelter for the first time. The shelter offers her food, people to make her feel safe and a bed for the night. For the first time since living on the streets, she feels less on edge and then…the lights go out. The darkness envelops the building, strange noises are heard from the rooms, Cassie can’t sleep and wanders down the hall to investigate. What she finds is the true face of evil, power and corruption, feasting on her fellow guests and with no escape forthcoming she is left with a choice. To give up all that makes her human or be the next meal on evil’s dinner list?

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Sour Milk is the latest film from writer/director Joe Duncombe and his most ambitious and important film to date. Joe’s previous work has been screened at film festivals and has won awards. Produced by Shannon Shepard, the film explores important themes, and looks to subvert the festival system, by creating a movie that will be enjoyed by all audiences, through its story and art direction.

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