The World Premiere of “Human Hibachi 2, Feast in The Forest” is Mouth Watering

The world premiere of the cannibal cult classic sequel, Human Hibachi 2 took place at Playhouse West in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday night, July 16, 2022.

Director, Mario Cerrito III was on hand along with the cast and here’s what a few of the actors had to say. 

“It truly is a work of art in terms of how the movie is made. There are thrill, humor, horror and of course good twist in the story. It kept me glued to the screen from beginning to the end! Great sounds effects which playing off of our emotions as the story unfold.” -Wataru Nishida, “Jin”

“Mario Cerrito’s direction made the transformation from script to screen such an amazing experience that it reminded me why I wanted to be an actor.” -Ray Bolden, “Henry Hunt”

“Always a great experience working with Mario!  He’s a director who knows what he needs for each scene and what he’s looking for.  He’s very ‘specific’ yet artistically ‘generous’ with his actors.  That is, he at times will allow actors to go off-script and improvise.  He assembled a very powerful ensemble for this sequel, making it a joy to re-create the role of Doug Patrick, albeit under different conditions than before, for Human Hibachi 2: Feast in The Forest!” -Jeff Alpert, “Doug Patrick”

“Really enjoyed the movie. Well done – the way the storyline was put together, the music, the overall acting. And loved seeing all of the cast again as well! Overall really positive experience” -Giavonna Banner, “Michelle” 

There will be more announcements about future Human Hibachi 2 screening coming soon.

Mario Cerrito III along with fellow producers John DiRenzo and Michael Joy are currently in pre-production for the upcoming horror film, “The House In The Pines”.

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