New York Ninja is Now Playing on Showtime!

With the ongoing success of New York Ninja, the lost 1984 ninja film that was discovered and restored by Vinegar Syndrome, and the accompanying Voyag3r film score to it, there is more news to report from the Voyag3r camp! New York Ninja trailer:

New York Ninja is now playing on Showtime! The next air date is Friday, July 29 at 10:05pm ET/PT

Voyag3r will be attending Motor City Nightmares horror convention in Metro Detroit at the Sheraton Novi July 29-31. In addition to almost all of the original Dawn of the Dead cast bring in attendance, Voyag3r will be playing a live concert at the Friday Night afterparty. Get your tickets at

Lastly, Voyag3r launched a bi-weekly podcast called V3 Cast. The band gets together to discuss film, music, cool drinks and all types of fun pop culture topics. The video version is viewable on the bands official YouTube page or wherever you get your podcasts. Tune in and subscribe!

Official website:
Official web store:

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