Red Cape Publishing to Release New Quarterly Magazine ‘Cauldron of Chaos’

Red Cape Publishing are excited to bring you the debut issue of Cauldron of Chaos, a quarterly magazine focusing on flash fiction and artwork.

Blurb: Welcome to Issue One of Cauldron of Chaos, a new quarterly magazine focussing on horror flash fiction and artwork.

Includes stories, illustrations, reviews, interviews, competitions, and more.

Featuring work by David Paul Harris, Kevin J. Kennedy, Candace Nola, D.J. Doyle, The Dead Seas, Sludgework Meg, Lee Franklin, JC Michael, Mark Cassell, Jane Nightshade, Dee Caples, P.J. Blakey-Novis, Nat Whiston, and David Owain Hughes.

Digital version now exclusively on Godless

Print version available through Amazon soon.

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