There are moments that occur that give us a brief glimpse of horror and suspense. They can occur any where and at any time. These moments are now being brought to you for your consideration and contemplation. Perhaps even for your own safety as you they might teach you to avoid the same fate as the subjects within the moments themselves.

Moments In Space and Time is a micro fiction podcast that specializes in horror and suspense. Each episode contains a tale that runs between 30 and 90 seconds. They are usually standalone stories, but sometimes popular episodes are revisited with follow up moments.

The stories will take you to frightening possible futures, bring light to terrors from the past and even show the horrors that are happening in the here and now. If you are a fan of anthology horror, such as The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, you will enjoy the podcast.

New episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday. Patreon subscribers get early access via the Patreon app on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as additional exclusive content like personal commentaries, movie reviews and access to Q&A sessions.

Moments in Time and Space will premiere on August 15th!

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Moments in Time and Space is brought to horror fans by Aaron Maracle…

Aaron Maracle grew up near Belleville, Ontario surrounded by legends and folklore. This fuelled his love for storytelling at a young age and Aaron has spent most of his life crafting tales to entertain and enthrall his audiences. When he is not working on his next story, Aaron enjoys researching the supernatural and things man was not meant to know.

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