“One of Us… Or Part of Us?” – THE STRANGER – New Horror Film Coming to VOD September 6th



Horror Feature 

Available on VOD/Digital September 6!

Director: Mike Clarke & Paul Gerrard

Starring: Damien Ashley
Jennifer K. Preston (HOSTS, THE WHEEL OF TIME)
Isabella Percival
Jake Francis
Tony Moran


After the murder of her husband, Amanda relocates with her daughter, Karli, and purchases a hotel in the countryside. Their fresh start is interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious man who pleads for shelter, fleeing an unknown threat.

THE STRANGER is a horror movie by directing duo Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard. Filmed entirely in the UK and featuring some of the best up-and-coming talents like Damien Ashley, Jennifer Preston, and Isabella Percival, THE STRANGER throws a dysfunctional family dynamic into the realms of pure horror. The winner of the Grimmfest award for Best Horror Film in Production, THE STRANGER is a thrill ride not to be missed.

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