Are all set to star in…

A low budget horror film about a group of college age adults who encounter a creature while camping in the woods.


A group of young college adults decide to try and reconnect by going on a camping trip together in the woods at their local quarry. Strange things begin to happen throughout the night and eventually something sinister comes to ruin their camping trip.


-Director and Writer

Kavan Mulvey

-Special Effects Artists

Courtney and Kenzie Wise


Joey Iuvara

“The Woods is a feature film being shot in Ohio. A small team of passionate filmmakers and horror fans are working together to make this film a reality.  No matter what, we will get this film finished…”

And to get it finished they need help from horror fans like YOU!

Please click the link and support their campaign today…

There are plenty of awesome rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-Get a special Thank You with your name in the credits of the film as well as a Thank You credit on IMDB

-Get a signed copy of the film on Blu-Ray

-Get a signed “The Woods” poster, and T-shirt

-Receive an executive producer credit on IMDB

Visit “The Woods” on Kickstarter to…

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-Find all of the available rewards

Stay updated with the film by following director/writer Kavan Mulvey on Twitter and Instagram!

If you can’t donate to the campaign please consider supporting it by sharing this promotion, or the campaign itself on your social media! Thank You for your Support of Horror!

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