Ghosts of the Past – The Most Haunted Tours In America

Thomas McGovern Jr. is your travel agent to some of the most haunted places in America. He’s your tour guide for Ghosts of the Past, offering tours of Salem, Massachusetts | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania | Savannah, Georgia.

“I believe with all my heart, history is a
great teacher. We can learn from these
spirits if they could only talk to us? The
spirits of the past are telling (or warning)
us of something. They’re communicating
with us and we must listen. I started
selling travel to perhaps get others to
open their minds and hearts to that
possibility; to introduce the past as a
teacher so we may understand the
present and rededicate ourselves to the

– Historian & Tour Guide To The Supernatural, Thomas McGovern Jr.

Salem, MA tours: Cemetery Walking Tour, House of Seven Gables Tour, Murder & Mystery Walking Tour

I have always been
fascinated on why the witch hysteria in
this tiny community happened. What
set off family against family, neighbors
vs neighbors, friends accusing friends,
etc. The lingering question here is could
something of this nature ever happen

Gettysburg, PA tours: Haunted Secrets Tour, Ghost of Gettysburg Ultimate Late Night Tour, Women of Gettysburg Walking Tour

This town saw one of the bloodiest
battles on American soil. For three days
in 1863 and during the aftermath of the
fight, this community had to endure the
fact of war. If there is any place in
America that should contain restless
spirits of the past, it is Gettysburg.

Savannah, GA tours: Charleston & Savannah Tour, Savannah Underground Ghost Hunt Night Time Trolley Tour, Savannah Walking Ghost Tour

This city is known as the
Belle of the South. General Grant gave
this town to President Abraham Lincoln
as a Christmas present in 1864 rather
than burning it during his March to the
Sea. The city lays claim to be one of the
most haunted in North America. From
its founding through today Savannah, GA
is filled with ghosts that fascinates us
with stories of the past.

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