Synapse Films Unleashes Two Horror Cult Classics on Blu-Ray!


Popular Cult Classics Feature Top Stars
and Bonus Materials to Die For



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Just in time for the spooky season, Synapse Films brings two
beloved horror cult classics to Blu-ray!

On October 25, Synapse Films releases The Kindred. This late ’80s cult classic about science gone terribly wrong will be receiving its first wide-scale Blu-ray release following a limited run in the back half of 2021. After the death of his molecular scientist mother (Amanda Pays), John (David Allen Brooks) takes a group of friends back to his childhood home to destroy her old lab notes per her request. John soon discovers that his mother had been working on genetic experiments and as a result, he has a “little brother.” John and his friends are in a race against time to get to the creature before it falls into the evil hands of a former colleague (Rod Steiger) of his mother’s.

A masterclass in practical effects with some of the best creature work cinema has ever seen, The Kindred has long been a favorite of horror fans who grew up in the VHS era. Now, Synapse is releasing the unrated version of the film in an all-new 4K high-definition remaster. Special features include an audio commentary track with directors Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter, a making-of documentary, never-before-seen on-set footage, and more!

Satan’s Little Helper marks director Jeff Lieberman’s return to action after a 17-year hiatus. The result is a satirical horror comedy that blends violent murder with humorous black comedy. Since its 2004 release, Satan’s Little Helper has become a Halloween classic and a cult favorite of the modern home video age. On October 25, 2022, Satan’s Little Helper makes its uncut high-definition Blu-ray debut courtesy of Synapse Films. This brand-new release includes audio commentary from Lieberman, a making-of feature, and more treats.

Nine-year-old Dougie loves two things in life: his older sister Jenna and his favorite video game Satan’s Little Helper. Dougie is thrilled when he learns Jenna is coming home for Halloween, but that excitement comes to a halt when he discovers Jenna is bringing her boyfriend Alex home as well. After an argument with Jenna, Dougie meets a man in a Satan costume placing a dead body in his front yard like a Halloween decoration. Believing this to be the Satan from his video game, Dougie asks for his help to send Alex to hell, which is very bad news for his family and the entire town.

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