FRIGHTMARISH ZINE is your invitation to stories of a darker nature.

Each issue includes a short story, a piece of flash fiction, plus puzzles, poetry, DIY art projects and other musings inspired by that month’s feature.


Issue One

Inspired by the otherworldly nature of birds, this issue explores the mythology and wonder of our feathered friends. Through short fiction, poetry and color, I invite you to invoke the magic and mystery of the starling.

Available in print and digital PDF

Issue Two

Inspired by the allure of the supernatural, this issue explores spirits, haunted places and those who are bewitched. Through short fiction, poetry and color, I invite you to whisper tales of magic and melancholy.

Issue Two has an additional short story & poem. 9 more pages of content than Issue One!

Available in print & digital PDF

Issue Three

Inspired by mystical nature of omens, this issue explores hidden secrets. Through short fiction, poetry and creative prose, I invite you to listen and watch for messages from the beyond.

Available in print & digital PDF

Frightmarish Zine Issue Two – Mini Edition

New and EXCLUSIVE – a mini version of FRIGHTMARISH ZINE! Inspired by the full edition, this issue might be smaller in size but it still packs a bite!

Available in print

Contents of Each Issue Include:

-Featured Story
-Breeding Ground: inspiration behind the tale
-Flash Fiction
-Word Search
-Color by Numbers

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