DERELICT Crowdfunded Launches!

Crowdfunder for British independent movie DERELICT from the award-winning team behind successful horror Wyvern Hill launches online from October 3rd 2022 through Indiegogo.

Inspired by a true story, Derelict is is a harrowing and violent revenge thriller which focuses both on a daughter’s revenge and the circumstances that have led to the murder of her father. Soaked in the tradition of the British film noir, it proposes a series of unusual characters dropped in situations that are beyond them and will have repercussions beyond their imagination.

The team behind the movie achieved success with their previous movie, the acclaimed Wyvern Hill, made for just £5,000 during multiple lockdowns during 2020 and went on to  win awards through the film festival circuit and be released internationally through acclaimed distributor Devilworks. Now director Jonathan Zaurin hopes to move to the next level with his second feature by raising £30,000 through crowdfunder Indiegogo.

Jonathan says, “Derelict is a dark, violent, gritty drama inspired by a true story and we need YOUR help to make this project a reality. Anyone who works in the film industry knows this is peanuts to make an entire feature, but we promise you that we will make something that goes far beyond any expectations!”

“This is a risky, odd project, with strong aesthetic and narrative choices and it simply couldn’t be made any other way! We would love for you to be on board with it and support it! We have so many great things to show you! We hope you come on board with this project, it’s a hard sale we know, not being a straight genre film and being 50% in black and white… But it’s a tale of empowerment, of regret, of vengeance, it’s a bleak look at what revenge might cost one.”

The Derelict crew consists of producers Sarah Zaurin as producer, Andy Piper and Todd Rodgers. Michael Mackenzie and Kat Ellinger will both be working on the screenplay. Michael Sànchez will be composing the score, Mark Stewart production designer, Ryan Jordan on sound and Ben Errington delivering the special effects!

The talented cast features Suzanne Fulton (Cold Feet, Mum Said), regular LBS Films contributors Mikey JL Coombes and Pete Bird (both Wyvern Hill), Dean Kilbey (Manfish, Top Boy, EastEnders), Nick Cornwall (Devils, Sky Sharks), Corinne Strickett (Housewarming), Joe Nurse (Santa Baby), Darren James King (April, Essex Boys: Law Of Survival), Clova Perez-Corral (The Antwerp Dolls), Ben Manning (The Snarling, Cursed), and Stacey Coleman (Polterheist, Emmerdale).

The crowdfunder campaign can be found online at with a range of perks to suit any budget from a simple online thank you on social media, limited edition blu-rays, original hand-painted artwork through to producer credits on the movie.

Link to crowdfunder:

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