Official Trailer Release for Thomas Walton’s “Camp Pleasant Lake”

Official Trailer release for Thomas Walton’s “Camp Pleasant Lake” starring Jonathan Lipnicki, Bonnie Arrons, and Michael Pare. 

An enterprising couple, ‘the Rutherfords’ who decide to open a horror camp on the abandoned camp property (Camp Pleasant Lake) where a young girl ‘Echo Meadows’ was kidnapped, and her parents were brutally murdered 20 years prior.

Camp Pleasant Lake also stars Andrew Divoff, Robert Lasardo, Christopher Sky, Devanny Pinn, Mike Ferguson, Leila Almas Rose, Kelly Lynn Reiter, James Di Giacomo, Lacey Burdine, Maritza Brikisak, and Greg Tally

Produced By: Jared Safier, Thomas Walton, David M. Parks

Written/Directed by: 
Thomas Walton

Executive Producer 
Jackson Everest

Associate Producer
Michael Joy 

Production companies 
Safier Entertainment 
PhilaDreams Films 
Lux Angeles Studios 
Stag Mountain Films 
RMR Productions 
Mahal Empire 

Director of photography 
David M. Parks 

George Lambriodes

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