Cyberpunk Band BlazerJacket Returns with the New Single “They Ruined My Home Again”!

Ukrainian based artist BlazerJacket is pleased to unleash their new free download single “They Ruined My Home Again”.

The single picks up the theme of the war in Ukraine and moves from the events of 2014 to 2022 in Ukraine when the Russian invasion went from part of Ukraine’s occupied territories to a full-scale invasion.


800 years ago, the Nightmare Empire and an ancient peaceful race called Shoobies clashed in a ferocious battle. Alas, the last fortress of Shoobie fell and two wounded brothers were forced to fly into distant space to share their grief with the endless gaping void. After years of searching for a new home and a crushing thirst for revenge, The Brothers found a planet with a suitable climate and friendly people, where they lived in harmony with the planet for the next several hundred years… Until the Nightmare Empire reached this beautiful corner of the universe. This time they have nowhere to run, just like the refugees from Donbas after the russian invasion in 2014, who have to run away from Russian missiles in 2022 again.
This is their land! This is the last frontier! Freedom or death!

BlazerJacket info:

BlackJacket combines different genres of rock and electro dance music with passion 80’s inspired background.

BlackJacket was created in Kyiv by Denis Cherryman (Dirty Bird 13 / KIND) and Hybri Mod. Their love for cyberpunk, retrowave, sci-fi, and action films of the 80′s and 90′s inspires them to create a new sci-fi universe, conceptual music releases, and video materials which are a series of science fiction novels.

BlackJacket has shared the stage with Dance with the Dead, Magic Sword, Jeremiah Kane, Cygnosic, and SynthAttack. They are also residents of the Comic Con Ukraine music stage and they show the full power of their cyberpunk vision on live shows.

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