Those are words Ava lives by, because she knows that every day could be her last. That’s why she eloped with Jeremy. However long she has, she wants it to be with him. Passionate, reckless and living only in the moment, their time together is even more fragile than either could have imagined.

Unbeknownst to the newlyweds, a motorcycle approaches; its menacing rider barreling toward them on a collision course they won’t see coming.

Deadly. Vicious. Relentless.

Once his pursuit begins, nothing will stop him.

And NO ONE will be safe.

“There’s enough blood, brain matter, and body parts splattered around to satisfy the gore hungry.”

“This book was so good the drama was hi in the book moved along at a fast pace and kept that momentum. This was really a good book and one I highly recommend if you like stories about survival you need to read this story.”

“Awesome book, action-packed, gruesome and brutal at times, yet with fully cinematic writing, great empathy for the characters and an extremely disturbing killer – who can’t be killed. It’s not your typical slasher, since there are very nicely done supernatural elements. Although not everything is explained (is the resemblance just a coincidence?), the ending pulls off a satisfying conclusion.”

“I loved this book! It’s dark, scary, and horror-filled. I’m surprised it didn’t give me nightmares. If you like slashers and gore, this is definitely for you. The characters are awesome – especially the bad guy. He’s super scary. The world building is great, too; you really feel like you’re right there. It’s a pretty quick read, which is great. You get all the info you need without dragging out the scares. In fact, the abruptness of the scares is part of what makes this story so great.”

“Loved this book from the very beginning. Lots of gore described! Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. A must read for people who love gore!”

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About Author James Kaine

James Kaine specializes in gritty, no holds barred horror. A true student of the genre, he writes characters you can care about…and then subjects them to horrors beyond your imagination. Despite all that, James is a pretty nice guy. A New Jersey native, he still resides there with his wife, two children and his loyal Boston Terrier. Aside from writing, he enjoys movies, music and trying to play guitar. He is a die-hard New York Giants fan, which, in recent years, has been more horrifying than anything he could put on paper.

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