A rip-roaring tale of jealousy, foul play, a family at war with itself, and a battle of the sexes –

All in Weichsel’s unique, no-holds-barred, ribald style…

It is Ancient Greece, when heroes were forever ‘accidentally’ killing their own fathers and marrying their own mothers. So what’s a young prince supposed to do when he falls in love with the wrong woman? Dare he trust his heart or will the Fates interfere?

King Oeneus of Calydon has just been given the secret of wine by the god Dionysus. Unable to hold his liquor, vomit-bespattered Oeneus drunkenly forgets to honor the goddess Artemis at the harvest festival. Oh dear, bad mistake. These gods are larger than life, and bigger in emotions too. In revenge for this insult, the angry, man-hating Artemis sends a gigantic and crazed wild boar to ravage the land. With its burning breath and tusks longer than a brave man’s spear, nothing can stop this monstrous beast. What can the befuddled King Oeneus do to save his kingdom? Send out a message to the greatest heroes of the age, that’s what.

Soon, a party of mighty mythical heroes, led by Oeneus’s son, Prince Meleager, is on the trail of the fearsome monster – but one of these heroes is a heroine! Atalanta the Indomitable is a huntress to match Artemis herself, and quickly wins the heart of Meleager. Will one of the men make the kill, or will they be humiliated when the prize goes to a woman? Will Prince Meleager woo and win Atalanta, or will the cruel gods intervene as usual? Who will die and who will survive in this tale of great loves and even greater lusts in the ancient world?

“J. Manfred Weichsel is back with another disturbingly funny satire, The Calydonian Boar Hunt. Emphasis on the disturbing. Absolutely no one comes out of this looking good, and it is not for the faint-hearted. Yet, as disquieting as Weichsel’s work is, I argue that he is performing a valuable public service. Weichsel makes foundational myths present to a contemporary reader in a striking and vivid manner, reminding us why these myths continue to be worth understanding thousands of years later.”

“The story is poignant, as Mr. Weichsel tells it, and heroic. Its application to today is clear…and its defacing of politically correct maxims of the 21st century is appreciated. This is a spirited, fast moving, epic and I suspect a lot more loyal to the original story that Zeus may admit. It is quite alluring of a story with a terrific monster and grunting brutes pitted against a babe. What’s not to like?”

“There is nothing new under the sun,” wrote King Solomon nearly 3,000 years ago, and this observation still holds true today. The ancient Greek myths dealt with today’s hot topics like transgenderism, male and female roles and the definition of masculinity. The famous myth of the Calydonian boar hunt is no exception, and the latest offering from J. Manfred Weichsel retells this tale in his trademark irreverent, rollicking style. I won’t spoil the surprises, but I’m delighted to report that there is something in it to offend almost everyone.”

“It brings one of the Ancient Greek myths to life with a 10 million volt strike of lightning.”

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J. Manfred Weichsel talks about his book in a recent podcast

About Author J. Manfred Weichsel

J. Manfred Weichsel writes satires that fuse adventure, horror, science fiction, and fantasy into some of the most original transgressive literature being published today.

Weichsel began writing short fiction in 2016 with stories that have appeared in some of the biggest titles of the new pulp movement, such as Cirsova Magazine and the Planetary Anthology series.

When the pandemic hit, Weichsel was suddenly jobless, but—thanks to government handouts—making more than he had been when working. He decided to treat his situation as an opportunity, and began writing longer works and learning how to self-publish.

Now a fiercely independent author, J. Manfred Weichsel aims to fulfill the promise of self publishing with works ungoverned by the constraints of traditional publishing houses and the inhibitions of polite society.

Loved by some and hated by others, Weichsel’s funny, unconventional, often grotesque books inhabit a unique space in American literature and will be read, talked about, and debated for generations to come.

Reviews of His Work

“Reading a book by J. Manfred Weichsel is like going on the most insane, spinny, whirly, turn-you-upside-down ride at the fairground, getting off, puking, and then immediately wanting to get back on again.” Paul Lucas-

“He (J. Manfred Weichsel) writes with a fearlessness that goes beyond the safe and carefully prescribed limits of what passes for the counter-culture today.  His works don’t so much touch upon third rails of the zeitgeist as they gleefully grab hold of them.” Jon Mollison-
“At a time where many are trying to claim the mantle of what Dangerous Visions should have been, J. Manfred Weichsel’s… speculative fiction tales… stray perilously close to the live wires of impolite society without resorting to preaching or morality tales.” Nathan Housley-

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