“I loved this book and had an extremely good time reading it! I found myself laughing along with the characters while also working with them to figure out what sinister deeds were lurking in the dark. The plot is fast-paced and the world Gayle Katz has created is extremely interesting. This book does a great job of taking the classic zombie horror and putting a new unique spin on it.”

“Ms. Katz does a commendable job of tying together the zombie scenes and actions without being excessively graphic or gory as many authors are prone to do. The characters reflect the typical angst of teenage years while dealing with the threat of the zombie outbreak. The supernatural aspect is an added bonus not typically seen in the zombie genre. Charlie and her friends are definitely worth a read.”

“Brilliantly written, an absolute must read! You won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait to see what the author brings next! Bravo”

“This zombie book is unlike any zombie book I have ever read before. When I read the blurb for Charlie I no idea what to expect and boy was I surprised by what I found inside. I was very thrilled with this new twist in the zombie world. The idea for this book is brilliant to say the least. The world building is so amazingly awesome. I just don’t have the words to describe this book for zombie lovers like me.”

Those are just a few of the many amazing reviews of…

A snarky teenager. A new school to navigate. Can Charlie stop a zombie apocalypse in time for finals?

After she moves across the country and out of the hot zone, Charlie hopes to leave hunting behind. She’s ready to make some friends at her new high school. But the past she hoped to bury rises again with a fresh, city-wide outbreak.

So much for settling into a normal life…

Desperate to stop the walking dead, Charlie enlists the help of some classmates to find patient zero. But as the scourge spreads, her talents may not be enough to keep them alive.

Will Charlie discover the source of the infection, or will she meet a gruesome end?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The Walking Dead in this dark fantasy tale of sassy heroines, high school angst, and flesh-eating walkers.

Start reading Charlie to kick some undead butt today!

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That is just the start! Continue the series with…

She thought she left it all behind. But morbid hellspawn aren’t content to chill in the parking lot after school.

Charlie Warner longs for a normal, non-blood-splattered semester. But the experienced zombie slayer rolls her eyes and gears her crew up for trouble after students go missing at an alarming rate. And when a mysterious new infection spreads, she pulls out the daggers and heads into battle.

With a team member already down with an ugly bite, Charlie rushes to the hospital to save her friend’s life. But when the power goes out and the flesh-eaters close in, she fears the coming of a special brand of undead danger.

Can this teen warrior prevent the entire Pacific Northwest from turning into brain fodder?

Second Strain is the next pulse-pounding book in the Zombie Slayer apocalypse series. If you like snarky heroines, snappy dialogue, and fearsome fight scenes, then you’ll love Gayle Katz’s exhilarating plunge into mayhem.

Buy Second Strain to stop the carnage today!

“A seamless transition between books, but even better. More zombines and more characters with more twists and turns!”

“Second Strain will keep you guessing (and second guessing) throughout the entire book! New players are introduced and knowing who to trust has never been more important. The addition of new characters was well executed and added a nice hint of suspense whenever the Zlayers had to work with someone new.”

Get your copy at:


Three zombie slayers. Two zombie outbreaks. One magical zombie spell.

As manufactured zombie outbreaks surge in Portland, Seattle’s zombie infestation is resurfacing. To battle the undead on two fronts, Charlie and her team are split up to handle the creepy disturbances. Her path leads north in search of an ancient zombie leader while her team tackles the outbreaks in the city.

The slayers think on their feet and adapt quickly to combat the plague upon humanity. But as the danger escalates and things get out of hand, they’ll need more than magic spells to save them from devastation.

Can Charlie and her team defeat the zombie leader and corrupt characters out to cripple the city? Or will one of their own be lured to the dark side?

Claw is the third thrilling installment in the post-apocalyptic Zombie Slayer series. If you like smart-alecky teens fighting the undead and stories that keep you guessing, you’ll love Claw.

Check out Claw and take a juicy bite of the zombie fun!

“Book 3 of the Zombie Slayer series builds very nicely off the first two. Zombie killing action takes place right away! Chemistry is further built between the characters, two of which I’m really curious to see what happens! I am really enjoying the continuing character development through the books. Some characters I didn’t care for in book 1 are becoming favorites as the story continues. The Zombie Slayer series is just a great series to read and Gayle Katz, as I’ve said before continues to do a great job.”

“Throw everything you know about zombies out the window! With a combination of science and magic Gayle Katz has created a new world and new zombie!… With a cryptic message, a dash of teenage hormones, and a spell book that would make even Merlin jealous, Gayle will take you on a supernatural adventure you won’t want to miss!”

Get you copy at:


No… the series doesn’t end there. Don’t forget about books 4-7

About Author Gayle Katz

Daring Women. Dangerous Worlds.

Gayle is a fan of zombies, sci-fi fantasy, and psychological horror—though not necessarily in that order. She writes the kinds of books she wants to read but often can’t find. Hoping to scare you, make you swoon, and root for her characters, her love of kick-butt heroines and sassy snark shines through in her work.

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