Watch Out!! Three Bold New Horror Titles Coming to Santa Monica

Watch Out!! Three Bold New Horror Titles coming to Santa Monica

EuroObscura, the international sales agency specializing in European horror movies, is bringing three new horror movies to the American Film Market, Santa Monica.

BLADES IN THE DARKNESS is the new action horror from Italian director Alex Visani. Shot in Albania and produced by German outfit Aspide 1 UG, it delves in the bloody past of Albania to tell the story of a harassed kid who takes revenge in his own hands. Starring Italian actress Manuela Arcuri, it has been selected for the Razor Reel and Dracula International Film Festival.

From the UK, MASK OF THE DEVIL is the new horror movie by director Richard Rowntree. The movie stars Nicole Katherine Riddell as an intern in a porn movie production, battling against the evil powers inhabiting an ancient tribal mask.

THE HAUNTING OF THE LADY-JANE, also coming from UK, is a folk horror story about a ghost of the English canals, that captures the souls of sinners. Mostly shot on a barge, the movie is directed by Kemal Yildrim and features Helene Udy, Bryony Harvey, Natasha Linton and Sean Botha.

Founded in 2010, EuroObscura has established itself as a leading sales agency for genre movies coming from Europe, operating mostly in the North American market. EuroObscura will handle international sales for the three movies at the American Film Market.

About EuroObscura:

EuroObscura is an independent international sales agency focused on delivering high quality European horror – science fiction – action – fantasy movies to the worldwide market. Our mission is to promote European Fantastic cinema everywhere in the world.


Germany / Albania, 2022 – 83 min. – Horror

Tirana 1997. The chaos left by the fall of communism has opened the doors to a bloody civil war. Matia, just a teenager, is harassed by his playmates. In an attempt to escape, he hides inside an abandoned bunker. In that spooky building, Matia will be the first to discover something scary and unthinkable that will change his whole life. Tirana 2022. Davide, Giulia, Nua and Adrian are planning their new future; an investment for a new modern venue using a bunker from the former regime. One of the group, secretly is willing to cheat the others in order to pay off a debt to some “old acquaintances”, who will not take no for an answer. In the bunker, where the group of youngsters expect their dream come true, they will find drugs, violence and fear. The real horror though hides behind an old wall. A bloodthirsty horror armed with deadly blades.



UK, 2022 – 88 min. – Horror – English
Africa, 1878 – a group of white mercenaries attempt to steal a tribal mask, unwittingly releasing an ancient evil. In present day England, the mask is purchased as a prop by a dysfunctional band of wannabe filmmakers. When a fiery young woman named Mary accepts a job with these low- rent pornographers in order to gain financial independence from her over-bearing parents, the ancient evil finds the perfect conduit, and unleashes unimaginable carnage on the unsuspecting cast and crew, who must do battle to survive. Will Mary and her new acquaintances be able to defeat the evil, and banish the curse of the Mask of the Devil…?



UK, 2022 – 98 min. – Horror – English
The peaceful waterways of the English countryside are plagued by legends of ‘RÀN’; a water spirit who collects the bodies of sinful people along the river. After a disturbing incident left Lily emotionally scarred and estranged from her parents she decides to begin her life again. Now a socially aware writer on female empowerment, she decides to tour the country with Zara, whose journey of self-identity has led her to fully explore life. Lily met Zara through her blog, they decided to become travel companions. They see a chance to travel on a barge the ‘Lady-Jane’ on the English canals. Accepting an offer of a free passage up the British canals, Lily and Zara find themselves isolated with Willard, a religiously obsessed hulking man whose past is murkier than the canal waters. The threesome’s journey upriver becomes increasingly bizarre and dangerous as Willard’s fascination with canal ghosts surfaces, and the spirit known as ‘RÀN’ torments them on their journey.


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