Fangs & Foul Play #0-2 Live on Kickstarter

Fang wants to invite you to Bludville! Announcing Fangs & Foul Play Issue 2, a 4.5 Issue Series of horror, justice, and a vampiric cat.

A telepathic vampiric cat in a Victorian town in the mid-1800s just wants to eat! Meanwhile, a conflicted ex-colonel just wants to do the right thing, what happens when he becomes enslaved to Fang?

After days of running from the war front, Richard, a colonel who deserted the war due to his conscience, finds himself in a new town, Bludville, and is immediately enthralled as a servant to a vampiric cat, Fang. The evil, sarcastic Fang forces Richard to find him human’s to feed on. Poor Richard can’t get away from villains asking him to do horrible things!

In Fangs & Foul Play Issue 2, the bodies are piling up and people are starting to notice! The constable is on the search for the missing men; meanwhile, Richard is getting fed up with Fang bossing him around, but can’t figure out how to escape Fang’s grasp. Will Richard be able to keep Fang away from the lovely Delilah and find a way to break his enthrallment? Will the constable figure out who the killer is? And who is searching for Richard at the Dansforth’s annual party?

Fangs and Foul Play is a 4.5 issue (4 full issues + zero issue) series by L. K. Ingino(Writer and Creator), Alex Guenther (Artist), Mariam Yasser (Colors), Ilaria Fella(Colors – Issue 0), Joel Rodriguez (Letters), and Chuck Pineau (Editor).

Issues #0-1 were released in 2021 on Kickstarter, and issue 2 was released on Kickstarter on October 25th, 2022! Issue 2 includes variant covers by Evan Scale, Renzo Podesta, and Abby Butler.

In issue 2, readers will receive:

  • ●  26 beautiful, full-color pages
  • ●  2 extra pages of full-page art
  • ●  4 cover options
  • ●  Writing by Headless Gnomes’ L. K. InginoThis PG-13 mild-horror comic with a bit of humor and sarcasm is perfect for anyone who loves cats, Sabrina, The Addams Family, and What We Do in the Shadows.

    Fangs & Foul Play Issue #2 campaign runs until Tuesday, November 22nd.

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L. K. Ingino is a speculative fiction and comic writer, poet (Leanne Kathleen Ingino), and singer with a love for fairytales, myths, dark tales, the strange and bizarre, dark humor and puns so bad they’re good. She can usually be found trying to create all the things. She’s written short comics that have been published in: Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell 2, Tales from Neverland, and Not So Fair Tales, and is the writer of her stand-alone series: Fangs and Foul Play.

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