THE TERROR TAPES: Put Fear in Your Ear with a Brand-New Horror-Comedy Podcast

Hallowe’en season is still alive and kicking. New horror-comedy anthology podcast The Terror Tapes has officially launched with three standalone episodes. Following in the anthology-led footsteps of Inside Number 9, Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, this newseries will leave you screaming … with laughter.

Inspired by a love of horror, the podcast pays tribute to the giallos of Argento, the fright-fests of Fulci, the creature- features of Carpenter and the spooky slashers of Craven. And if you’re not bats about horror, comedy fans will also enjoy these cautionary tales about dodgy landlords, conspiracy peddlers, and why you shouldn’t work in an aquarium.

The Terror Tapes are presented by the one and only Ramon Fear: horrid host, wrathful raconteur, evil escort and proud owner of a new, semi-professional home recording studio. Each self-contained episode features a standalone story, an original music score, and contractually obliged advertisements from Fear’s sponsor, Langridges – the corporation who make and endorse almost every type of product and service under the sun.

Ramon said: My Terror Tapes are here to give your ears some gruesome chills and hilarious thrills – not spills, see a doctor if that happens. They are deliciously crafted spooky stories which been excavated from my treasury of Terror. As much as it has delayed the construction of my erotic tarot shed, it has been worth the sacrifice.

The cast and crew of The Terror Tapes includes alumni from audio projects such as BBC Sounds, BBC Radio 4, Audible’s The Sandman, Wooden Overcoats, Victoriocity and The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast. This initial run of the podcast features three self-contained anthology episodes:

  • In the show’s debut, Fish Food, Jennifer has just started her dream job at Fulci aquarium… but is she in too deep?
  • Nate Cord is a popular conspiracy radio show host in The Charlatan – but one night he discovers something that makes his blood run cold.
  • And rounding off the first trio of episodes is Lease of Life. What could be worse than being stuck in yourrental property during a zombie apocalypse? Realising you didn’t properly read the tenancy agreement…

    Also working alongside Ramon are co-writers Alex Lynch, [The Now Show, Wooden Overcoats, Expenses Only] andSam Thomas [Russell Howard’s Good News]. Fellow horror fan Alexandra Morris directs, with Odinn Orn Hilmarsson[BBC Sounds, Audible] providing sound design and original composition. Together, the quartet produce as House of Fear, as well as supporting Ramon Fear through his various legal battles.

    Alex Lynch, co-creator of The Terror Tapes, said: Sam and I bonded over our love of horror and wanted to make a show that fused our love for the genre with the comic absurdity of the modern day. Like, for example, an entirely believable rental contract dispute during a zombie epidemic. We’re delighted to be working with the (wholly self- titled) ‘MC of the Macabre” Ramon Fear, and the rest of the talented team, to bring this anthology series to life.

    Listen to The Terror Tapes at, or via your usual podcast platform.

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