SPAZM FILMS PRESENTS (in association with Large Potato Small Potato Productions): CONKERS FOR THE BRAVE, a Stop-Motion Animation Short

CONKERS FOR THE BRAVE is the second stop-motion animation by independent film-maker Debbie Lane. After the success of her first animation, ALL CONSUMED, screened at the Horror- on-Sea film festival 2022, Debbie decided to start working on a second animation for potential submission to the 2023 festival. “Initially I had a sci-fi horror idea in mind, however, just days after the 2022 festival I was contacted by another festival regular, Tony Mardon, asking if I’d be interested in contributing a short animation section to his feature film, The Witches of the Sands,” Debbie said. “I was very excited to be considered for a much larger film, but also quite nervous. So we had a few discussions over Messenger about Tony’s ideas, and within hours I had excitedly agreed to give it a go!”

CONKERS FOR THE BRAVE is a quirky, humorous horror based on a short poem by Tony Mardon. The story follows Hillybilly buddies Jesse and Clyde as they amuse themselves with their alternative version of a childhood game. The screening at Horror-on-Sea 2023 will be the only time CONKERS FOR THE BRAVE will be shown outside of the full film, The Witches of the Sands, which is currently still in production.

All set and character design, production, animation, audio, and editing has been done by Debbie Lane but, as with her previous project, an original music score has been produced by her artist and musician brother, Adrian Lane. This unique score combines hints of Country & Western with dark horror overtones, and guides the viewer through Jesse and Clyde’s outrageous escapades!

You can find out more about Debbie Lane on Facebook and the website

CONKERS FOR THE BRAVE will be showing at Horror-on-Sea at 8pm on Friday 13th January. You can purchase tickets and merchandise for the festival on the website here

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