We horror fans all know the big titles: Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween.

But have you watched the eighth (or tenth, or twelfth) installment of each? Have you experienced the terrible glee and exhaustion of exploring all the twists and turns of a franchise’s various incarnations?

For us, once the credits roll on part one, we are compelled to view everything bearing the title, including reboots, crossovers and spinoffs, from Night of the Living Dead to Children of the Corn 666.

Which of today’s stars (Paul Rudd) clawed their way to success from the gory ooze of those films? How did Pinhead land a spot in a procedural cop thriller and call it a Hellraiser sequel? Is Phantasm IV actually…good?

In this exciting and funny new podcast, we discuss every film and its trivia in a franchise from the first prequel to the final sequel – knowing that each subsequent installment may start to hurt a bit.

Of course, we’ll keep the discussion largely positive – good natured hot takes here. After all, why would we spend out time if at its core, we don’t truly love this genre? Listen along or even better – watch along with us – each week to see how these films shift and change.

And yes, you should definitely watch the sequel.

Hosted by:

James Strayer and John C. Meyers

Join us in listening to episodes featuring movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night, Final Destination, Phantasm, and Friday the 13th

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker

We are joined by good friend of the show, Justin Weise to discuss all things Toymaker and late career Micky Rooney. Come for the gore, stay for “The Milky Life”!

Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation

Ready for a Christmas movie? Definitely a Christmas movie about… a woman being initiated into a witch’s coven and a greased up Clint Howard.

Final Destination 2

We welcome Dan McCoy from The FlopHouse Podcast! He joins us to discuss the funnier and more gruesome sequel in the series.

Phantasm 2- with special guest Michael Holloway!

Musician Michael Holloway joins us to talk through this classic sequel. The Guy from Singles is now Mike! Reggie boogies down. Are the Lurkers actually Minions?

Jason X

We finally make it to space. Join us in our long conversation where James mainly complains about all the “Aliens” rip offs.


“A really entertaining and knowledgeable podcast about horror films. So great hearing the Hollywood Theatre in Portland being mentioned. I immediately followed show after listening to 3rd ep about Friday part 3D!”

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