New Thriller Starring Mo’Nique Hicks and Executive Produced by Lee Daniels THE READING to Premiere Feb. 2 on BET+

Award-winning actor Mo’Nique Hicks stars in an exciting new thriller executive produced by Lee Daniels, written and directed by Courtney Glaudé. The BET+ original film THE READING, premieres February 2 on BET+. You can watch the full trailer HERE

Recently widowed author Emma Leeden (Mo’Nique) has agreed to a staged reading by 19-year-old Sky Brown (Chastity Sereal) to promote her new book “Invasion,” which details the horrific and traumatic loss of her family during an attack she barely survived. Quickly, those involved in the staged reading learn that Sky’s spiritual connection is real and an unexpected evil emerges in a house they can’t escape. Written and directed by Courtney Glaudé and executive produced by Lee Daniels, THE READING marks the first project Hicks and Daniels have partnered on in over a decade. 

FILM PREMIERE DATE: February 2, 2023, only on BET+ 

FILM DESCRIPTION: Recently widowed, Emma Leeden (Mo’Nique), details the loss of her family in her new book “Invasion”. To generate press, Emma agrees to a staged reading by 19-year-old Sky Brown (Chastity Sereal) in Emma’s now fortified home. There’s only one problem, Sky’s spiritual connection is real, and evil emerges in a house they can’t get out of.

Cast: Mo’Nique Hicks, Chastity Sereal, Denisha Hardeman, Ian Haywood,

Charlene Brown, Lisa Alavi and Sara Alavi

Executive Producers: Lee Daniels, Courtney Glaude

Producing Director: Courtney Glaude

Producers: Aundrea Posey, Joy Ganes

Writer: Courtney Glaude

Director: Courtney Glaude

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