Independent ‘Undead’ Duo To Bring Psychological Horror Thriller ‘The Dark Room’ in 2023

Jake C. Young and Kenny Scott Guffey launch an indiegogo campaign for their new Psychological Horror Thriller, The Dark Room.   The directing duo recently finished their last film, ‘A Night of the Undead’ and it’s being released by Bayview Entertainment. 

Actor and Musician Trevor Lissauer (Sabrina The Teenage Witch, La La Land, American Vampire) returns to the screen in The Dark Room

The Dark Room | synopsis:  An amateur photographer witnesses something while he’s developing photos that were brought to him by a pastor. The whole town is in amass panic and an active investigation is going on due to multiple decapitations in the area. The photographer is conflicted about sharing the news and the photographs that he has developed.

The Dark Room Indiegogo:–2?

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