Officail Trailer: J. Horton’s CRAVING

50 Caliber Productions in association with Bronx Bridge Films, World One Tv and Sky Island Storytelling present CRAVING.

Craving is a monster movie / crime thriller that follows a group of drug addicts besieged by masked figures inside a rural bar. As withdrawal starts to set in, a secret one of them is carrying threatens to destroy them all.

Starring Felissa Rose, Kevin Caliber, Ashley Undercuffler, Holly Rockwell and Al Gomez 

Produced by Kevin Caliber, Ashley Undercuffler, Robert Bravo and Sean Reid.
Executive Producer Chris Brown

“Craving is set in 1998. It’s an homage to my young adulthood and the movies of the time. I’ve always loved genre mash-ups and one of my favorites is the crime thriller/horror movie. I love when you take characters that live outside normal society and the law, and put them in a situation where they can’t count on any of those things to help them. There’s also something inherently cool to me about tough and capable characters faced with something that’s much more formidable.” Director J. Horton

Craving is being distributed worldwide by INDIE RIGHTS.

It releases on multiple streaming platforms in the US the week of March 6th. A full blu ray/ dvd release will follow. 

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