Source Point Press Launches Cleaver County Horror-Verse, Celebrates with FOC Variant

Available for stores to pre-order, currently in its Final Order Cutoff week, The Curse of Cleaver County #1 launches a massive shared horror universe for Source Point Press. To celebrate this, a surprise FOC 1:10 Ratio Variant of #1 has also just become available. Issue 1 is hitting comic retailers’ shelves March 22nd, 2023.

“The Curse of Cleaver County is one of the biggest horror projects at Source Point to date,” says Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Joshua Werner. “There is just so much here to love, and countless hours spent building out the intertwining storylines and locations. The excitement that has been building for this series is real, we’re thrilled by the hype that’s been growing amongst our readers.”

Skibavision has already signed a film deal with Source Point Press for The Curse of Cleaver County to be adapted to the big screen. “I’ve not had a chance to direct a real slasher flick yet, so I’m super stoked to jump into Cleaver County and bring back those 80s/90s slasher flicks that I grew up watching and loved,” says director Brian Skiba.

Set in the deadliest fictional location in the world, The Curse of Cleaver County is an ongoing anthology series that follows the most grotesque, gruesome, and gore-fueled killers as they haunt, horrify, and harrow the peaceful residents. The first Volume One (issues 1 – 5) are written by Garrett Gunn, with art by Kit Wallis and lettering by Dave Lentz. It will focus on the city of Port Harlow and the legend of The Hooked Horror of Harlow, a longshoreman returned from the dead looking for vengeance. Volume Two will see a change in creative team and focus on another location in Cleaver County, and shift focus to its own horrific killer. All stories will play off of each other as well as plant easter eggs for the upcoming volumes. The upcoming murder mystery comic book roleplaying experience “Murder By Mail” will also be set in Cleaver County and build out the universe further. “Sometimes projects take a long time to gain steam, and sometimes it’s apparent from the very first page of script or piece of art that it’s a home run. For us, Cleaver County was the latter,” says Garrett Gunn.

The Curse of Cleaver County #1 is available to pre-order now at any comic book shop or at and releases March 22nd, 2023.

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