NEW Horror Film From Canadian Production House HighballTV

Horror Film Anthology From Canada’s Indie Production House HighballTV

Indie Canadian production house HighballTV presents The God Of Frogs, a monster-themed anthology film exploring gory unexplained events and features segments by emerging directors Adrian Bobb (The Fore-Men, Creepy Bits), Richard Lee (Christmas Plus One, Baroness Von Sketch Show), Natalie Metcalfe (Summer Memories, Pulp Comedy) and Ali Chappell (Necropolis: Legion, Verified).

About The God Frogs:

Deep in the heart of the jungle exists an elemental creature with an eternal hunger, and every 25 years, it emerges: a woman is eaten alive in 1969, a film crew goes missing in 1994, a politician explodes live on television in 2019, and a multinational corporation goes up in flames in 2044. Terror ensues in this ecological horror film.

Filming Summer of 2023.

About the HighballTV:

Highball.TV started off as an indie Canadian subscription video on demand service, launched in 2018 by Melissa D’Agostino and Matthew Campagna. The service offers a curated selection of films, concentrating primarily on titles that have screened at various prestigious Canadian and international film festivals but have not otherwise received widespread commercial distribution.

Now HighballTV has announced five original titles, including The God Of Frogs, it plans to put into production in 2023. With this new escapade into the horror genre they hope to grow their audience organically while also getting behind other directors and films by women directors and/or people of color.

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