While under house arrest, Nate goes on a virtual date with a woman who appears to get murdered on camera. He needs to find out if it’s real or a hoax.


Emonjay Brown, Cassandra Due, Trinity Alyse Curtis, Ariel Romeo Davis, Nicholas Thurkettle, Michael Jon Murphy, Kaiya Shivers, and Khalo De Jesus Buffington

Directed by:

Sebastian Dove

Written by:

Sebastian Dove & Gabriel Molnar

From writer/director Sebastian Dove:

“I made this film for lovers of found footage and people who like their horror with layers.”


“Just finished it. I think it was very well done. Love the web cam povs. Keep up the awesome work”

“Very nice! No spoilers but a great story and well acted. Loved it.”

“I really liked the twist & the ending was good . I enjoyed it.”

“Just watched it. Solid stuff. Great work.”

Now it’s YOUR turn to watch Ghost Webcam on:


(the film is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Mexico)

Please follow filmmaker Sebastian Dove on Twitter, and Instagram for more information!

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