Chased by cannibals through an Amazonian jungle, an archeologist takes refuge within an old pyramid, only to confront an evil worse than the man-eaters without.

You see, inside the pyramid is a little old lady who collects books. But hers are not standard editions. Each putrid publication in her sickening study is so disgusting that nobody can flip through one without doing a rainbow cough.

The librarian makes a deal with the archeologist: if he can read just one retched record from her bibliotheca of bile, she will help him escape the cannibals. But if he tosses his breakfast, he will become their lunch!

The horrible hardcover he must read is a gory history of American servicemen on Guadalcanal in World War II, who collect the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers. This abominable account is a narrative so nasty that there’s no way he’ll be able to cram it all in without regurgitating everything he’s learned.

Can you read this book without throwing up? Do you take the challenge?

“J. Manfred Weichsel has mixed history with his own story to produce something that is both horrifying and fascinating. I was afraid of what the next page would bring, but I couldn’t stop reading. And just when I thought I hit the climax, the story went escalating in a couple of ways I did not anticipate. An enjoyable read with a real “bite” to it. TIP: Don’t read this during your lunch break at work. Trust me.”

“This is my second book by this author, who has a unique way of writing which has a habit of getting a hold of you and not letting go until it says you’re done! A fun, horrific and dark satire that is highly entertaining!”

“J. Manfred Weichsel’s satirical take on events in World War II couldn’t have been executed more perfectly. Taking this story at face value, one gets a crude caricature of events and important figures of the time. the crassness, racism, and bigotry are very in your face and could very well make someone vomit! But looking between the lines, each uncomfortable chapter teaches you more and more about the real life horrors human beings have inflicted upon each other. Horror and disgust doesn’t always have to come from ingesting foreign fluids or someone being disemboweled. The racism, misogany, and war crimes depicted in this book made me cringe much more often than some of the biggest names in extreme horror. I absolutely loved it.”

“J. Manfred Weichel’s history will make you feel uncomfortable while allowing a lesson to be learned. I strongly suggest waving your white flag and surrender to read this book. A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation.”

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Dare to vomit again? Make sure to read the first two books of the series…

His girlfriend Emily has been kidnapped by a ghoul called the Librarian and hung upside down above a pit of bubbling lava. In order to win Emily back he must read a book from the Librarian’s collection, without vomiting. 

This might sound like an easy task, but the Librarian doesn’t curate just any ordinary books. Each and every terrible tome in her bibliotheca of bile is so disgusting that nobody can read one without doing a Technicolor burp.

The book he must read is a repugnant little horror story about the revolting sex lives of failed Hollywood actors and actresses called She Was Asking for It. It’s a real page turner. It’s a stomach turner too!!!

He’d better have a strong stomach, because if even a single drop of bile escapes from between his lips while reading, his girlfriend will fall into the pit of lava beneath her and be burnt to a cinder.

Can you read this book without throwing up? Do you take the challenge?

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The Librarian’s assistant has kidnapped a kindergarten class so they can hear a fetid fairytale called Kittycat Massacre, a yucky yarn about a troubled young girl and boy who run away from home and wind up in the house of a deranged woman who tortures and kills cats.

The assistant watches eagerly as the Librarian reads them this nauseating novella of loathsome literature. Oh, how he hopes it is a fable so foul that none can listen without losing their lunch, because the Librarian has also kidnapped their teacher and put her in a guillotine. If just one child can listen without puking, their teacher will be spared. But if every single one vomits, he gets to drop the blade and off comes their teacher’s head!

Can you read this book without throwing up? Do you take the challenge?

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About Author J. Manfred Weichsel

J. Manfred Weichsel writes satires that fuse adventure, horror, science fiction, and fantasy into some of the most original transgressive literature being published today.

Weichsel began writing short fiction in 2016 with stories that have appeared in some of the biggest titles of the new pulp movement, such as Cirsova Magazine and the Planetary Anthology series.

When the pandemic hit, Weichsel was suddenly jobless, but-thanks to government handouts–making more than he had been when working. He decided to treat his situation as an opportunity and began writing longer works and learning how to self-publish.

Now a fiercely independent author, J. Manfred Weichsel aims to fulfill the promise of self-publishing with works ungoverned by the constraints of traditional publishing houses and the inhibitions of polite society.

Loved by some and hated by others, Weichsel’s funny, unconventional, often grotesque books inhabit a unique space in American literature and will be read, talked about, and debated for generations to come.

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