Critically Acclaimed Horror Graphic Novel ‘Halloween Girl,’ Is Nominated for a Prestigious Rondo Award!

After starting life as an acclaimed short film in 2015 and spinning off into an award-winning sister web series, ‘Under the Flowers’, the graphic novel series Halloween Girl has gained its own recognition following its initial release in October 2022.

Attracting glowing critical reviews and Hollywood interest, Halloween Girl is taking the next step in global recognition with a nomination for the prestigious Rondo Awards!

Since 2002, the Rondos have been fandom’s only classic horror awards – decided by fans, for fans. Rondo Nominees are recognized annually for significant achievements in the fields of Horror and Science Fiction.

“To be in such esteemed company is positively mind-blowing!”, Wilson remarked regarding his nomination, “I mean, a Rondo Nomination is the Horror World equivalent of an Oscar – it just doesn’t get much better!”

To vote for ‘Halloween Girl’, please send an Email David Colton, at 

SUBJECT LINE: 21st Rondo Awards 

BODY:  22) Best Graphic Presentations of 2022

             —- HALLOWEEN GIRL: Book One, by Richard T. Wilson

And DON’T FORGET to type your name at the end of the Email – otherwise it won’t count!

For more information on the Rondo Awards, please visit –

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