Broken Road Productions, Hustle & Heart Films, and Source Point Press Join Forces to Release New Comic Book Mini-Series ‘Copycat’

Broken Road Productions, Hustle & Heart Films, and Source Point Press have partnered to bring fans an exciting new comic book mini-series titled Copycat. The series combines action like Atomic Blonde and John Wick with a protagonist with unique superpowers to create a thrilling reading experience.

Sarah, a talented ER nurse, has a unique gift of diagnosing her patients with just one touch. Unfortunately, her power comes with a painful price, as she experiences the same suffering as her patients. In her pursuit to save Emma, a woman with extraordinary abilities, Sarah inadvertently gains Emma’s enhanced strength. Determined to uncover the mystery of Emma’s murder, Sarah sets out on a perilous journey that brings her face to face with a band of hunters with super-human abilities. As she battles for survival, Sarah acquires the powers of her opponents to survive and eventually defeat them.

Copycat is based on a concept by film and television producer Todd Garner  (Mortal Kombat) and will be produced by his company Broken Road Productions. The series is written by Hustle & Hearts Films’ duo of Heath Amodio (“The Heathens”, and “Foretold”) and New York Times bestselling writer Cullen Bunn (“Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”, “6th Gun”). Elmer  Cantada (“Masque”, “Big Jack”) provides the line art, with colors by Gabe Contreras (“Datura”, “Witchblood”) and letters by Dave Lentz (“Good Boy”, “Curse of Cleaver County”). The publisher, Source Point Press, will debut a collector’s Ashcan limited run edition of the first issue at Cleveland Fan Expo on March 24-26 featuring an exclusive Fan Expo cover by Joshua Werner (“Winchester Mystery House”, “Crossbone Skelly”).

“We’re trying to do things differently,” said Amodio. “Through our Hustle & Heart Films production company, and our newest endeavor Overlook Multimedia, where we adapt concepts across all mediums like comics, television, film, and tabletop games (with producing partner Aengus McLoone), Cullen and I connect with people we admire, and collaborate to tell great stories.”

This is the second collaboration between Source Point Press and Hustle & Heart, with “Nightwalkers” being the first.

“I reached out to Todd after hearing him on his podcast (The Producer’s Guide: Todd Garner & Hollywood’s Elite),” Amodio continued. “He’s produced films that I’ve absolutely loved like Tag and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He had an idea he’d been sitting on for a bit, and he let Cullen and me run with it. Copycat is the outcome. Todd and his Broken Road team have been great to work with, and we’re proud of the book we’ve put together with the awesome team from Source Point.”

“Working with my pal Heath and with a creative powerhouse like Broken Road has been a complete joy,” said Bunn. “The story was challenging, in that we wanted to really catch readers off-guard, but we really jumped into the process of bringing something new and surprising and exciting together.”

Said Garner, “After working on movies based on graphic novels like Hellboy, I’ve been intrigued by the possibility of creating a new comic book hero. Copycat is an excellent fit for the comic book format, with so much potential to be adapted into other mediums, as well.”

Fans of action-packed comics and superhero stories will not want to miss Copycat. The series promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats with its thrilling storyline and dynamic characters.

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