‘Dark Tales’ Horror Anthology Now on Tubi


DARK TALES FROM CHANNEL X, the most recent film from Mass Grave Pictures, was released onto Tubi on March 23rd. The horror anthology was picked up by Bayview Entertainment in 2022 after a successful festival run, had a HorrorPack exclusive Blu Ray release in June, followed by a DVD release in Sept, and is now available on the top free streaming platform Tubi.

Co-Directed by husband and wife team Manny & Lindsay Serrano, Dark Tales has won numerous awards during its festival run, including Best Horror Feature at NJ Horror Con and Imagine This Womens Film Festival.

DARK TALES FROM CHANNEL X, stars Michelle Nuñez (Tyler Perry’s Ruthless, The Rookie: Feds) as Cassie, a babysitter who finds an old TV set in the basement. The TV powers itself on and Cassie is shown a litter of horror stories featuring the multi award-winning short films ‘I Waited For You’, ‘Beneath’, and ‘Matryoshka’ co-written by Manen Lyset (The NoSleep Podcast), along with the teams lesser seen body-horror film, ‘M Is For Mastectomy’ which is as difficult to sit through as it sounds.

The female-heavy ensemble cast includes indie horror regulars Angie Hansen (THE BLOODY NUN), Diana Porter (SHEVENGE), W.A.V.E. Video star Deana Demko, Sarah Schoofs (VALENTINE BLUFFS), Heather Drew (THE THEATRE OF TERROR), as well as Zombie Hunters: City of The Dead creator Patrick Devaney (as the masked host ‘The Viewer’), and a cameo by voice actor Peter Joseph Lewis (The Man In Room 6).

Featuring music from L.A. based industrial band Mojave Phone Booth, as well as a score by composer Brandon Boone, and final mix by sound designer Phil Michalski.

You can watch the film for free on TUBI here: https://tubitv.com/movies/725474/dark-tales-from-channel-x

Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F_jOugeFUE&ab_channel=BayviewTrailers

Supplemental material is available via VimeoOnDemand, including a making-of Documentary, alternate festival cuts of the films, as well as a few other short films which have been unavailable before now including the original “ABC’s Of Death 2” cut of M Is For Mastectomy, and their Rondo Nominated short film ‘MissUnderstood Monster’, starring Heather Buckley (The Ranger) and Heather Drew. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/dtfcxextras

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