“THE LAST BOY ON EARTH” – Sci-Fi at its Highest Level!

Genre specialist Black Mandala presents, “THE LAST BOY ON EARTH”, the new sci-fi film presented by Nicolás Onetti. This co-production between Argentina and New Zealand, was one of the seven selected projects to represent the best of Latin American genre cinema in one of the most important markets in the world. A preview of the feature film was shown at the Marche Du Film (Cannes), during the Blood Window showcase.

A science fiction anthology that brings together the most prestigious film directors from all around the world: NICOLAS ONETTI, LUKA HRGOVIC, DINO JULIUS, DANIEL RUBESAM, THIERRY LORENZI, WILL KINDRICK, ROB MCLELLAN and MONICA MATEO.

In a distant future, an enigmatic boy becomes the central figure in the search for a new hope. Who is this kid? Why is everyone looking for it? Sometimes it is better not to know certain answers…

Starring Camilo Levigne (Abrakadabra); Raymond Lee (Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales); Hugo “Kato” Quiril; Joshua Grothe (The Matrix Resurrections); Arben Bajraktaraj (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix); John Bubniak (American Horror Story); Sam Hoare (Captain America: The First Avenger).

Directors : Nicolás Onetti, Luka Hrgovic, Dino Julius, Daniel Rubesam, Thierry Lorenzi, Will Kindrick, Rob Mclellan, Monica Mateo
Script: Camilo Zaffora
Cast: Camilo Levigne, Raymond Lee, Hugo “Kato” Quiril, Joshua Grothe, Arben Bajraktaraj, John Bubniak, Sam Hoare
Cinematography: Luciano Montes de Oca
Music: Luciano Onetti
Art director: Paola Tolosa
Sound: Germán Suracce, Ezequiel Brodsky
Costume designer: Taz Pereyra
Make-up artist: Yanina Cordoba
Fx designer: Yanel Castellano
Executive Producer: Martin Gerding
Producers: Michael Kraetzer, Charly Goitia, Nicolás Onetti

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