A deadly, supernatural force is unleashed underground with a crew of trapped coal miners and a female environmentalist in this horror thriller.



 Jeff Fahey, Kelly Noonan, Brent Briscoe, Joey Kern, Eric Etebari, and Molly Hagan

Directed by:

Ben Ketai

Written by:

Patrick J. Doody, and Chris Valenziano

“the well-crafted “Beneath” proves a taut, atmospheric if not especially deep thriller about the aftermath of a coal mine collapse. A committed cast, solid production design and nimble cinematography highlight this often grim and claustrophobic experience.”

“If you like scary films, Beneath creates a nice atmosphere. It’s very scary and dark and plays on many of our worst fears. The director, Ben Ketai, does a good job of building the tension and keeping the tension going.”

“I gladly recommend this one, I had a lot of fun watching it and I am very excited that I got to put an eye on Beneath. Lovely execution, very good acting and a few good scares.”

Beneath managed to pull of a genuinely creepy vibe throughout, and some fairly good scares as well. This movie has the ability to get under your skin, and if you are as claustrophobic as I am, you’re in for a treat.”

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Additional Info:


Exclusive Interview with Ben Ketai about ‘Beneath’

Exclusive: Ben Ketai and Jeff Fahey Talk Beneath

Interview With Ben Ketai Director Of ‘Beneath’!


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