Chris Alexander’s PARASITE LADY


The 10th film from director Chris Alexander

PARASITE LADY premieres April 14th on the Full Moon Features channel; Amazon Prime and Tubi release dates to follow

Filmmaker, author and composer Chris Alexander‘s latest surrealist horror drama from Full Moon‘s “elevated exploitation” sister label DELIRIUM Films is PARASITE LADY, a stylish mood piece following an interdimensional female vampire (Arrielle Edwards) who rises from her coffin looking for love and human blood. Ali Chappell (NECROPOLIS: LEGION), Kate Gabriele (TERRIFIER 2) and Thea Munster (GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR) also star.

Written, directed, photographed, edited and scored by Alexander (working with Aaron R. Moore), PARASITE LADY will premiere on the Full Moon Features channel on April 14th. The picture will then premiere on Amazon Prime (US, UK and Germany) and Tubi (Canada and US) later in the month.

Official poster art by Suspirialand.

Check out the official trailer HERE.


Chris Alexander is a Canadian writer, editor, music composer and filmmaker. He is the former editor-in-chief of iconic horror film magazine FANGORIA and the editor-in-chief/co-founder of DELIRIUM magazine. He is the writer, director and composer of numerous horror films, including BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD, SPACE VAMPIRE, SCREAM OF THE BLIND DEAD, IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE, NECROPOLIS LEGION, FEMALE WEREWOLF and many others. He has released the albums MUSIC FOR MURDER, BLUE EYES OF THE BROKEN DOLL and BODY DOUBLE. He is a professor of horror film history at Canada’s Sheridan College and is the proud father of three wonderful sons.

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