“Blood Corrodes Inside Trilogy” Now Available on Blu-Ray Boxset

A Baroque House, a Los Angeles-based DIY production, specializes in the creation of extreme horror films that combine adult content with elements of horror and fetishism. Recently, the company has unveiled their initial trio of short films under the title “Blood Corrodes Inside Trilogy” in a standard edition release on three set blu-ray boxset. Each blu-ray disc is regionally compatible and features a distinct short film along with its supplementary materials. These offerings present a captivating and unconventional fusion of fetishism, explicit content, and gore, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary DIY horror while paying homage to 70s roughies and late 90s amateur fetish horror.

The blu-ray will promptly be dispatched to customers, with the initial 150 units accompanied by a sturdy hard case box set featuring a magnetic closure for enhanced protection of your chilling blu-ray collection. These films are not intended for the faint of heart, as they showcase three unsettling, uncensored, and blood-soaked short films.

The first installment, titled “Spit,” delves into the journey of two young girls who stumble upon a mysterious book that unlocks their most shocking and unconventional fantasies. As one of the girls ventures into a realm where pain and pleasure intertwine, the experience becomes all too real.

The second entry in this captivating trilogy is “Red Tragedy,” which revolves around Vanity, a woman left shattered by the departure of her lover. Spiraling into a state of emotional turmoil, she embarks on a harrowing path toward self-destruction.

Concluding the series is “Sea of Blood,” where the narrative follows a duo of porn producers who engage an amateur participant for a seemingly ordinary adult film shoot. However, the production takes a treacherous turn as the boundaries blur, resulting in a perilous and lethal transformation from adult film to snuff film.

Prepare yourself for an intense and macabre viewing experience as these films explore the darker aspects of human nature and push the boundaries of horror storytelling. The trilogy will be promptly dispatched to customers, and by the end of June, a limited box set will be shipped to house the blu-rays. The first 150 box sets will be individually numbered and personally signed by the director and two prominent actors from the films, offering a unique and exclusive collectible experience. These films are uncut, uncensored, and intended for mature audiences.

The box set itself will be presented in two variants: a limited signed edition of 150 copies, and an additional 350 copies that are unsigned and unnumbered. A Baroque House takes great pride in presenting this exceptional and meticulously crafted release of the Blood Corrodes Inside Trilogy, ensuring the highest quality for discerning enthusiasts of extreme and dark arts.

Act swiftly to secure your copy, as out of the initial 150 signed box sets, only 60 remain available. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of cinematic artistry

Blood Corrodes Inside Trilogy Blu-ray

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